Innopolis has Built the Internet of Things Network

16.05.2016 Innopolis has Built the Internet of Things Network
May 10, 2016, Innopolis – Innopolis City Council and Everynet (LACE Ltd) , a Global Internet of Things Connectivity Company who provide LoRaWAN™-based networks started testing a City Wide network for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Innopolis has become the first Russian city with 100% LoRaWAN network coverage. This network will be used to operate several City services; including automatic data collection from housing and communal services metering devices, security system management and environmental monitoring. The network will also contribute to parking space management, the logging of municipal equipment use, road traffic safety management, street light management and other uses cases not yet fully defined.
“Launching this LoRaWAN network in Innopolis is an important step towards the creation of a Smart City that has efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective resource management. Unlike traditional wireless data communication networks based on the GSM standard, the LoRaWAN standard was designed and developed for the IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies. I am very pleased to announce that this network has been deployed in Russia. We would also like to offer companies, which develop telemetry devices, an opportunity to utilize Innopolis as a platform for testing their devices and services. We are eager to help in conducting experiments, providing city sites and implementing technologies that may lead to some innovative use cases or business models. Innopolis would like to offer all-round support for the development of IoT in the city”, said Innopolis City Mayor Yegor Ivanov.

“A distinctive feature of the standard is an ability to build ultra-small devices that once deployed do not require any additional handling that can run for 10 years on a single battery. It revolutionizes the traditional scenario of wireless data communication and will drive the volume adoption of the Industrial IoT. LoRaWAN technology is an open standard with an existing ecosystem of finite-state devices (sensors) and vertical solutions from suppliers. This network will provide an exciting new development and innovation opportunity for both hardware and software developers. There are already lots of sensors/devices with an integrated LoRaWAN module in exsistance today, some of them are designed and manufactured in Russia. For example, water and gas consumption metering devices built by Betar (Kazan), electricity meter by SpbZIP (Saint-Petersburg Instrument Plant) and by Energomer (Stavropol)”, said Igor Shirokov,  CEO of Everynet.

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About Innopolis
Innopolis is a high-tech Russian city located in the Republic of Tatarstan. The city’s economy is based on high-tech industries. The Innopolis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for IT companies was established on the territory of the city. Within the city there is a university providing education and research in IT. All the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life is already built in the city, that is housing, a nursery, school, IT lyceum, medical center, sports center and many other things. Innopolis is becoming a point of attraction for professionals working in IT and high-tech spheres. Read more here

About Everynet
Everynet is a global IoT connectivity company, with a vision to make it simple to connect everyTHING.  Providing very low cost network infrastructure and a Core Network Platform that together will offer the lowest device connection fee. An Innovative Everynet Partner Program that can facilitate participation in a Global Shared Network ensuring that devices are not limited by lack of coverage and a disruptive business model that has options to enable monetization of each network via third parties whilst serving network owner IoT needs.  Everynet believe that two key barriers to large scale IoT deployment are cost and end device availability and work with both MNO and private network partners to ensure that these barriers are removed. Everynet is a contributor Member of the LoRa Alliance and plays an active role in the activities of the Alliance.