Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia approved the first two residents of Innopolis Economic Zone

10.09.2015 The Expert Board reviewed projects presented by four IT companies seeking for a resident status in Innopolis Special Economic Zone. A list of the first residents included major Russian companies operating in the industry of Information Technologies and providing the largest amount of investments in projects to be implemented on the territory of Innopolis SEZ. National Center of Information Support LLC presented a project on the innovation model of a transactional IT services operator and formation of a unique expertise based on a single platform for engineering of modern IT solutions. One of the key activity areas of National Center of Information Support LLC is focused on the development of IT products for all-level public authorities to facilitate communication with citizens, business sector and the government. Expertise of the National Center of Information Support’s team will enable effective automated support of activities in the sphere of public administration, universal and applied functions of local administration, public health control etc. Another project reviewed by the board suggested the establishment of a center for research and development of cloud storage systems by Acronis. Acronis Innovations LLC that presented its project at the sitting of the Expert Board is a member of Acronis group of companies is considered to be a worldwide leader in data security software. Acronis works on the engineering a front-end data storage system with geo-distributed storage, improved mobile access and data protection. Establishment of the on-site research center will allow Innopolis SEZ to boost the activity in this area. I-Teco company, the leading Russian supplier of IT solutions and services for corporate customers, appeared as a founder of its unit I-Teco New Technologies that will be focused on the development of domestic clod platform and virtual computing environment control tools in Innopolis Special Economic Zone. The project will provide a full range of tools necessary for the deployment and control of the virtual environment based on public domain software. The project by FIX LLC consists in the development of a platform for management of content services provided by online service operators. The platform will enable a single access point for partner software with flexible interaction conditions and provide tools for multiple analysis of the effective use of paid subscriptions. Another 11 companies approved by the Supervisory Board of Innopolis Special Economic Zone will present their projects to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia any time soon.