About Innopolis SEZ

The Innopolis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an important part of the Innopolis ecosystem and an integral component of its investment attractiveness, seeking to create the most favourable conditions for doing business and developing new projects.

Our aim is to create a new IT capital in the Russian Federation, a new city on the map, where the most innovative solutions are created and commercialized.

We invite Russian and foreign companies to become part of this unique project by developing their business in the territory of Innopolis SEZ. The main competitive advantages of becoming an Innopolis SEZ resident include among others; developed, world-class business infrastructure, access to high quality specialists and low tax rates.

Date of establishment

Special Economic Zone Innopolis was established by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated November 1, 2012 № 1131 "On creation of the territories of Verkhneuslonsky and Laishevo municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan Special Economic Zone of Technological Innovation Type".

The management company, JSC "SEZ "Innopolis” was registered on March 1, 2013. The company was founded by JSC "Special Economic Zones" (75% minus 1 share) and the Republic of Tatarstan in the name of the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan (25% plus 1 share).

Location and total area



SEZ Innopolis is located in two sectors with a total land area of 311,43 hectares.

The first sector situated in the Verhneuslonsky municipal district in the Republic of Tatarstan (192,71 Ha), located in the centre of Innopolis city, is designed specifically for innovative companies to establish their offices and research and development facilities.

The second sector situated in the Laishevo municipal district in the Republic of Tatarstan (118,72 Ha), is located in close proximity with direct transport access to the Kazan International Airport, designed specifically for production facilities of innovative products.


Companies that specialize in different innovative sectors can become residents of SEZ Innopolis, with Information Communication Technologies (ICT) remaining a priority specialization.


The key components of Special Economic Zone territories are the buildings of technopark, these are high-tech complexes with contemporary office spaces, services, and advanced conference capabilities.

For Innopolis SEZ residents, there are office spaces inside the technoparks that are available for lease, where residents have access to contemporary infrastructure and all of the essential services that are needed to effectively run a business.

Innopolis SEZ residents can lease a land plot and build their own office or production facility, getting an access to engineering infrastructure on preferred terms.

Benefits and preferences

- Special tax regime

- Special customs regime

- Access to essential infrastructure on preferential terms

- Land lease on preferential terms

- Access to highly qualified specialists

- Extra opportunities for attracting foreign highly qualified specialists

- Low administrative barriers


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  2. Innopolis SEZ Presentation (Russian language)


JSC “SEZ Innopolis”
7, Universitetskaya street, Innopolis, Russia, 420500
Tel. +7 (843) 200 07 01