The city has two large medical institutions, a city hospital and children hospital
Sportivnaya Str. 301
Monday — friday:8:00–15:48
Saturday:9:00–15:00 — traumatologist
Saturday:8:00-15:48 — physician
Sunday:8:00–15:48 — physician
Medical centre

The centre provides primary and specialist care on CMIP and VHI basis (fee-for-service). There is also a rehabilitation centre. There is a surgeon's appointment by prior arrangement on Thursdays.

You can register and join the medical centre at the rception desk. You will need to bring your passport, CMIP, SNILS and a document confirming your work/study or residence in Innopolis.

Sportivnaya Str. 301
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:8:00–12:00
Wednesday, Friday:12:00–16:00
Call a doctor at home: +7 843 221-94-00
Administrator: +7 843 221-94-02
For children

The clinic is situated in the medical centre. Pediatricians work on weekdays. Specialists and a mobile laboratory also regularly visit the clinic. The clinic runs a free vaccination programme.

Sportivnaya Str. 116
Telephone number:
Administrator: +7 843 202-35-30
Pediatric dentist +7 843 202-35-36

There is a dental clinic ‘Gorodskaya Stomatologia’ in the city, which offers dental care for adults and children. All services are available except neuromuscular procedures and CMIP.

Sportivnaya Str. 130
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:8:00–13:00

DIALAB lab, which operates in Innopolis, is a partner of the network ‘KDL”. There are 2500 medical tests available for kids and adults.

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