Artspace, Parkovaya Str. 1

Students will learn how to create beautiful illustrations with modern materials and learn the basics of sketching 'from easy to hard'. Children and adults are welcome to take this class.

Teacher - Tatiana Mamontova.

School of improvisation for adults

Anyone may learn to react quickly to circumstances, to memorise loads of events and facts, to work it out and find original solutions. It all comes with a sense of humour.

Teachers - Alexey Filimonov and Sergey Miller

​Fine art for kids

Children learn about the techniques of great artists from various countries and ages. This class will teach them how to draw in different styles and techniques and create a series of picturesque landscapes and animalistic paintings.

Teacher - Sirazieva Dilya.

Fine art for adults

Educational programme includes the study of composition, aerial and linear perspective. Students also learn how to draw still-life and landscapes from nature and photography. They also study the basics of portraiture and the proportions of the human figure.

Teacher - Gareeva Elena.

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